Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

News Overview – GRETA

  • GRETA project ended, a tremendous amount of knowledge on shallow geothermal energy was created

    GRETA project final conference took place on November 7th, 2018. An opportunity for the 12 partners to present the outputs of the project in an innovative and dynamic way. Why is shallow geothermal energy considered as a sustainable energy? Where could you find information about shallow geothermal energy? What are the potentials of shallow geothermal energy use? Why integrating shallow geothermal energy into energy planning?

    Watch our final conference video and find out.

  • A video for understanding shallow geothermal energy system targeted to schoolchildren

    Heating every day our home by burning fuel introduces in the atmosphere a large quantity of CO2 and other polluting substances. All are very harmfull to the health  for living beings and increase the greenhouse effects of our planet.

  • The first geothermal educational trail opened in Slovenia thanks to GRETA project

    The first geothermal educational trail in Slovenia opened on Wednesday, 28th of November 2018 in Cerkno Municipality. It was created within the framework of the GRETA project, under auspices of Geological Survey of Slovenia and in cooperation with the Idrija - Cerkno Development Agency.

  • New Catalogue of technical and operational criteria for shallow geothermal systems

    Greta partners just published the « catalogue of technical and operational criteria for shallow geothermal systems ». It summarizes all relevant proven and estimated concepts for the use of geothermal methods in the Alpine environment. 

  • GRETA results shared in Valle d’Aosta

    On 21th November, ARPA Valle d’Aosta  organized a workshop to share the results of the GRETA project with professionals, administration and general public. Shallow geothermal energy potential was presented at different scales: at the transnational, national and regional level.