Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

At the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, the Alpine region must tackle rising energy consumption and, accordingly, CO2 emissions reduction, related mostly to heating needs (mainly from residential and tourism sectors). The potential of renewable energy sources has been discussed in some recent studies. However, the opportunity to utilize Near-Surface Geothermal Energy (NSGE) has not yet been properly highlighted. Moreover, differences in country-specific regulations and practices currently impede a successful increase of use of this technology.

12 partners from 6 different countries has met into the GRETA project with the aim demonstrate the potential of NSGE in the Alpine Space and to share its knowledge to foster the integration of this technology into future energy plans in the area at different administrative levels. This approach will help to reduce total CO2-emissions in environmentally sensitive regions using renewable energy sources which are very widely available, thus stablish transnationally integrated low carbon policy instruments.

The main results of the project are decision support tools (geothermal potential maps, guidelines for energy planning), legal and technical guidelines for the utilization of NSGE, based on an exchange of best practices. These results will encourage the implementation of NSGE into policy instruments (such as energy plans) at different administrative levels and will raise the awareness of the potential of this low carbon energy source among different stakeholders.

Objectives of the project

Increasing knowledge on the spatial distribution of NSGE potential in the area

Researches of the project with a study of the Alpine Space will The Geothermal Potential Maps will be a decision support tool for the integration of NSGE into policy instruments, such as energy plans and strategies, and for the spatial planning of geothermal installations by public and private stakeholders.

Exchanging knowledge and best-practices on a transnational base

Field observations (Case Studies) will be published considering technical, economic, environmental and social issues in order to give a general point of view among the situation and about NSGE applications progresses in the Alpine Space. Thus, regulations, authorization procedures and operational criteria of NSGE utilization will be reviewed and summarized into congruent guidelines.

Planning tools to develop a database open to all

In order to increase the use of NSGE and thermal storage in the Alps, outputs of GRETA will review administrative procedures and operational criteria of NSGE utilization into congruent guidelines provided for the implementation of NSGE into policy instruments, such as energy plans and strategies, thus contributing to a growth of NSGE utilization.

Good to know that GRETA will develop a variety of project results, which can be replicated outside the project and even outside the ASP area ...