Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

D 2.1.1 - Overview and analysis of regulation criteria and guidelines for NSGE applications in the Alpine region

D2.1.1 - Annex 1: Previous projects

D.2.1.1 - Annex 2: Templates

D2.1.1 - Annex 3: NSGE regulations by countries

D2.1.1 - Annex 4: Comparative analysis of regulations

D2.1.1 - Annex 5: Panel of regulation criteria

D2.1.1 - Annex 6: Vocabulary

D2.2.1 - Comparison of NSGE installations in the Alpine region selected for reproducibility and transferability relevance (interim)

D2.3.1-  Harmonized guidelines of legal and technological procedures

D3.1.1 - Catalogue of techniques and best practices for the utilization of NSGE

D3.1.1 - Best practices

D3.2.1 - Catalogue of operational criteria and constraints for shallow geothermal systems in the Alpine environment

D3.3.1 - Catalogue of technical and operational criteria for shallow geothermal systems in the Alps 

D3.3.1 -  Catalogue des critères techniques et opérationnels pour des systèmes géothermiques de faible profondeur dans les Alpes

D3.3.1 - Betriebskriterien für Oberflächennahe Geothermie im Alpinen Raum

D3.3.1 - Catalogo dei criteri technici e operativi per impianti geotermici a bassa entalpia nelle Alpi

D3.3.1 - Katalog tehničnih in operativnih meril pri uporabi plitvih geotermalnih sistemov na območju Alp

D4.1.1 - Assessment and mapping of potential interferences to the installation of NSGE systems in the Alpine Regions

D4.2.1 - Local-Scale Maps of the Near-Surface Geothermal Energy potential in the Case Studies

D5.1.1 -  A spatial explicit assessment of the economic and financial feasibility of Near Surface Geothermal Energy (link to the Economic and Financial simulation tool)

D5.1.2 -  Module to compute the energy potential using the G.POT method (link to the method | source code | manual)

D5.2.1  Report on the test of the integration of NSGE into Energy Plans for the selected Pilot Areas

D5.3.1 - Guidelines and How-to on procedures to integrate Near Surface Geothermal Energy into Energy Planning procedures

D5.4.1 - Selection of three pilot areas among the six case studies

D6.1.1 - Stakeholders List Model

D6.2.1 - A methodology for the identification of the Stakeholders’ needs in the field of NSGE

D6.2.2 - Report of the relevant needs of Stakeholders in the field of NSGE