Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Aims of Workpackage 2: Regulations and best-practice knowledge exchange

The WP aims to crosscheck the existing country-specific regulations and to review best administrative practices for NSGE-systems in the Alpine region. In coordination with WPT5 (user interaction), existing national/regional regulations are reviewed and analysed focusing on main barriers and drivers affecting regulation of NSGE plants in Alpine regions. The WP assesses existing best practices by considering country-specific differences both from technological and regulatory points of view.

Deliverables of Workpackage 2

The preliminary report for the guidelines includes a country-specific presentation arranged accordingly to regulation elements governing all cases (including critical ones e.g. karst, drinking water protected areas) and specific energy policy objectives.

D 2.1.1 - Overview and analysis of regulation criteria and guidelines for NSGE applications in the Alpine region

D2.1.1 - Annex 1: Previous projects

D.2.1.1 - Annex 2: Templates

D2.1.1 - Annex 3: NSGE regulations by countries

D2.1.1 - Annex 4: Comparative analysis of regulations

D2.1.1 - Annex 5: Panel of regulation criteria

D2.1.1 - Annex 6: Vocabulary


A status quo analysis of existing NSGE systems comparing at least 10 cases relevant from procedural, public awareness raising potential, technical and legislative points of view. The analysis highlights a set of criteria for the final guidelines.

D2.2.1 - Comparison of NSGE installations in the Alpine region selected for reproducibility and transferability relevance (interim)


Working document for authorities to harmonize and facilitate administrative and technical procedures, designed as a practical guideline including explanations, illustrative examples and recommendations for the implementation of NSGE.

D2.3.1-  Harmonized guidelines of legal and technological procedures