Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

Aims of Workpackage 6: User Interaction

The main goal of WP6 was to promote knowledge sharing and dialogue with stakeholders involved at different phases and levels in the use of Near Surface Geothermal Energy (NSGE), such as policy makers, public administrations, energy planners, private firms. The workpackage is based on a cross-cutting approach involving all other workpackages, tailoring project actions and outputs to stakeholders’ needs. Constant feedback exchange was ensured among project partners, observers and stakeholders in order to assess their needs. For the sake of completeness, final users’ opinion, experience and expectations were also collected. All these elements were continuously integrated into project activities and lead into the elaboration of project outputs, including the users’ guidelines in this workpackage. The WP6 Guidelines, which are based on the results of the technical WP2-WP5, offer different reading paths to the different targets (i.e. policy makers, energy planners, enterprises). They were published in the Cesba-Wiki.

Deliverables of Workpackage 6

The deliverable describes a common approach to identify “who does what” in the geothermal field, based on sectors (environment, energy, housing) and competences (policy makers, administrations, SME).

D6.1.1 - Stakeholders List Model


This deliverable defines methodologies (questionnaires and focus groups) to collect stakeholders‘ relevant needs, expectations and final users opinion. These methodologies were adapted and used in the different contexts of the Pilot Areas.

D6.2.1 - A methodology for the identification of the Stakeholders’ needs in the field of NSGE

The methodology described in the previous deliverable is applied in three selected Pilot Areas to collect information about specific needs. The results from the Pilot Areas are described in a report.

D6.2.2 - Report of the relevant needs of Stakeholders in the field of NSGE


D6.3.1 and D6.3.2: The contents of different final documents and activities resulting from other WPs (WP2-WP5) were harmonized and included in hypertext guidelines published online on the Cesba Wiki.




  • Summary of Questionnaire 1
  • Handout for Stakeholders at 1. GRETA-Workshop (Munich, 4th Oct 2016)