Proceedings of the Final conference of the INTESI project, 9th of October 2018, Innsbruck (Austria)

Services of General Interest (SGI) are services that public authorities consider as being of general interest and, therefore, subject to specific public service obligations. Provided by either the state or the private sector, they include such things as public transport, postal services and healthcare. SGI have a significant impact on both the quality of life of a given population and on how attractive an area is for economic development. Their supply, quality, accessibility and affordability are crucial to overcoming social exclusion and preventing decreasing populations in rural and mountainous areas. Within the INTESI project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme and the Swiss New Regional Policy (NRP) 10 partners from 5 countries, worked to overcome the usual sectoral approach to delivering SGI by promoting better coordination and inclusion into integrated territorial strategies. The INTESI results were presented during the final conference on the 9th of October in Innsbruck presenting on how synergies across SGIs can be created by an integrated, territorial approach.

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The INTESI project shows that an integrated territorial approach of service delivery  – implementing the steps of data analysis, awareness raising, collaborative meetings and elaboration of a strategy in a cooperative way (different actors, administrative levels etc.) - works best on an intercommunal/regional level. It is very ambitious to anchor such an integrative concept on a supraregional or even national level due to the fact that ministries are often strictly organised and also financed in a very sectoral perspective.

Figure below: The INTESI approach to SGI integration (Intesi handbook - see download list)

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