Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance

AlpArc University of Würzburg SIR UIRS EUROPARC EURAC

AlpArc University of Würzburg SIR UIRS EUROPARC EURAC

Project partners

Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing - SIR

As a non-profit organisation SIR works in the fields of regional and spatial planning, community and regional development, housing research and energy in cooperation with the government of the federal state of Salzburg. All 119 municipalities are members of SIR. Model projects and EU-projects with transnational exchange are carried out in cooperation with communities and regions with public participation and involvement of stakeholders focusing on ecological, social and economic sustainable development. As part of the ASP project LOS_DAMA, SIR is currently working out a pilot project for establishing the “Ecopool Salzburg”.

SIR will be LP and WP-leader for WPM + WPT4. In close cooperation with the federal state of Salzburg as observer, SIR will contribute to the planned development programme, e.g. by concretizing regional priority zones in WPT2.

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia - UIRS

UIRS is the main Slovenian research institution for spatial planning and related disciplines. The issues of open spaces are addressed in the framework of interdisciplinary basic and applied research activities in the field of quality of physical space, living environment and wellbeing as well as landscape planning at different territorial scales. Another area of activity is spatial planning where UIRS contributes expertise in the processes of preparation of spatial planning documents at local, regional and national level. Development of methods is closely linked with development of GIS tools and related approaches. UIRS operates as an intermediary between science and various levels of administration and contributes to policy development.

UIRS is WPC Lead and will contribute to all other WPs with providing relevant knowledge and information as well as implementing requisite activities in Slovenia. Strong involvement is planned especially in WPT4.

University of Würzburg

The chair of geography and regional science has distinctive competencies in two fields that coincide with the subject of the project. These are spatial and landscape planning as well as the role of protected areas for sustainable regional development (including nature-based tourism etc). Prof. Job and his colleagues have featured several publications on safeguarding alpine open spaces by the use of spatial and sectoral planning instruments. The recent work in the field of the project was in particular on the Bavarian Alpenplan as an instrument of territorial planning to safeguard vulnerable near-natural alpine spaces. The chair of geography and regional science closely works together with the Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association (ARL) and benefits from its unique network. Based on the previous intense work on instruments such as the Bavarian Alpenplan future options for harmonising planning approaches across borders will be evaluated and addressed in the existing and future networks of scientists and planning professionals.

Eurac Research  (EURAC) - Institute for Regional Development

EURAC has an extensive experience in project management at local, national and transnational level and in coordinating Interreg projects, especially within the Alpine Space. The research group on human-environmental interactions of the Institute for Regional Development will be involved due to its experience and competence regarding stakeholder engagement and dialogue facilitation, as in ALPBIONET2030, where EURAC leads the WP5 “mediation in human-nature conflicts”. EURAC represents the interests of the Italian Ministry of Environment, being part of the Platform Ecological network of the Alpine Convention, and of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol through several collaborations in regards of ecological connectivity and spatial planning. EURAC, as public equivalent body, is in direct contact with public authorities at all levels and contribute developing a consensus decision process.
EURAC leads the WPT2 “Local governance and implementation level” with the aim of identifying the main criteria to secure open spaces in the Alps. EURAC will promote the participation and the contribution of the partners and of local/regional stakeholders.

The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves – Europarc Italy

Federparchi joins over 160 bodies managing national and regional parks, marine protected areas, regional and state nature reserves. Federparchi represents the reference point in network relations and represents the Parks in the relations with the State, Regions, local Authorities, and the European Union. During the last years, Federparchi designed, tested and transferred in many protected areas a set of management strategies and operational tools aiming at the improvement of a management and planning of nature conservation.
Federparchi will support many of the foreseen activities, mainly through the involvement, within the whole Alpine Italian Arc, of institutions, Protected Areas, Regional and local Planning Authorities. Federparchi will be involved in all the WPs and it will co-lead some of the activities (e.g. WP2 –T2.1 workshop in Piedmont).

ALPARC - The alpine network of protected areas

ALPARC is an international organisation gathering all Alpine protected areas, working significantly on Alpine environmental and sustainable development as well as governance topics since 1995. The federation of alpine parks and other protected areas has extensive experience in project management at the local, national and international level and is currently involved in 3 ASP projects. The multilingual team is competent in EU and non-EU project coordination and cooperation between protected areas in the fields of biodiversity issues, ecological connectivity, innovative regional development and environmental education. Moreover, ALPARC has close contacts to public authorities, multipliers and relays (NGOs, Experts, Research, Alpine Convention, Ministries at regional, national and EU level). ALPARC ensures a wide diffusion of project outputs over the Alpine territory. ALPARC has been LP and PP of several ASP projects and other EU projects for more than 25 years.
WPL for WPT3 “Alps wide strategic and governance planning”. Coordination of WP activities, integration of former project results. Governance planning tool, political recommendations”.

Project observers



Associated to partner

AT Administration of the State of Vorarlberg, Department of Spatial Planning and Building Law: Regional Planning Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing
AT Land Salzburg, department for housing and spatial planning Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing
AT Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government, Department of Spatial Planning and Statistics: Regional Planning Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing
AT Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention (PSAC) ALPARC – the Network of Alpine Protected Areas
AT WWF Austria (World Wide Fund for Nature) Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing
CH Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research  
DE Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association University of Würzburg
DE Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection Government of Upper Bavaria
DE Bundeswehr University Munich (UniBW), Professorship Spatial Planning and Mobility University of Würzburg
DE Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, working group International Nature Conservation University of Würzburg
DE Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Institute of Geography, Research Group Regional Development University of Würzburg
FR Asters, Conservatory of natural areas of Upper Savoy ALPARC – the Network of Alpine Protected Areas
FR Grenoble-Alpes Métropole ALPARC – the Network of Alpine Protected Areas
IT European Documentation Centre on Nature Park Planning The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves – Europarc Italy
IT Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea - Italian Delegation to the Alpine Convention European Academy Bolzano
IT Office of Landscape Ecology European Academy Bolzano
SI Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Directorate for Spatial Planning, Construction and Housing Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia