Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance

Local governance of open spaces

Based on the overview of the legal planning backgrounds and spatial and sectoral planning systems of the involved Countries, the OpenSpaceAlps project seeks to improve local and regional planning processes for open spaces. Part of the project is the identification of the main criteria for safeguarding open spaces and contributing to the harmonization of local governance and planning systems.

For the concrete realisation, transnational pilot areas were created to work with local and regional stakeholders. Local and regional spatial planning practitioners, politicians, and experts from other sectors, like forestry, landscape planning or representatives from national parks will be involved in a series of local and transnational workshops. The aim is to discuss existing planning approaches, to compare and evaluate them, finding the most important planning gaps for open spaces and searching for new and innovative solutions, as well as existing GIS analysis, models, and data regarding open spaces.

This participative process tries to matchmake existing planning models with the local situation. This will feed the development of two proposals: (a) a first one for an implementation strategy for each pilot area and (b) a second one for transferring local knowledge to other alpine areas to increase spatial planning coordination for open spaces in the Alps. This coordination seeks also to include the wider EUSALP – area. These actions result in harmonized priority criteria for maintaining open spaces as part of alpine Green Infrastructures addressed to policy makers.