Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance

Strategic governance and policy development

Besides sustaining the role of open spaces in local and regional planning processes and land-use decisions, an important objective is to foster strategic governance development on the national and transnational level. The OpenSpaceAlps project aims at strengthening existing turntables between the EU and other governance levels. EU strategies such as EUSALP or the Alpine Convention require anchors and adequate capacity development at all levels. Stakeholders such as public administrations in charge of spatial and sectoral planning, non-state actors, associations and policy makers jointly create these strategies and need to be involved.

The elaboration of the strategic policy recommendations integrates all project activities: It evaluates their results, sets up a common vision for informing multipliers and relates them to existing turntables at all levels (e.g. experts, administration and policy makers). Strong interactions of the project partners with multipliers, relevant actors on policy level and with EUSALP AGs will help to ensure the practical use of OpenSpaceAlps strategic recommendations as an important project output.

In order to ensure a long-term continuation of open space topics, the OpenSpaceAlps project will establish a transnational network (“AlpPlan Network”) as another crucial project output. The network will be supported and coordinated by the Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association (ARL), which is a key player in European transnational cooperation on spatial development and planning. The network is supposed to comprise spatial and sectoral planning professionals as well as important stakeholders from public policy, NGOs and universities or research institutes. It needs to be linked to the ongoing activities of the Alpine Convention, the EUSALP AGs and other transnational cooperation structures. In the network the project results can be transferred to the expert level and further developed for continuous feedback and input to the policy level on open space planning. A Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) will be prepared in order to underline the need to enhance alpine-wide spatial planning cooperation and to raise awareness for the safeguarding of interconnected near-natural open spaces in the Alps.