Sustainable development of alpine open spaces by enhancing spatial planning governance
WP T3 - Alpswide strategy and governance planning
  • OSA DT3.1.1 0.47 mb

    Summary of results and spatial data of relevant EU and other projects

  • OSA DT3.2.1 6.3 mb

    Basic maps on relevant and potential open spaces in the Alps

  • OSA DT3.2.1_extended 10.01 mb

    The evolution of open spaces in the Alps – between land-use and conservation for generations to come

  • OSA DT3.3.1 3.67 mb

    Transboundary workshops – Prealps Giulie – Triglav Region / Mont Blanc Region / Tennengau – Salzburg – Berchtesgaden Region

  • OSA DT3.4.1 2.03 mb

    Report on relevant EU and transnational policies for Alps-wide spatial planning for open spaces


Click on the map below to see interactive StoryMap with mapping results from Alpswide mapping of open spaces.

Interactive web map

Web map is hosted by JECAMI - Joint Ecological Continuum Analysing and Mapping Initiative 2.0.

Click below to view interactive web map.