Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future


This report presents all the results associated with the identification, calculation and display of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related to an ecological, energetic and management evaluation for a ski resort.
A new audit tool, called “Wi-EMT” (Winter tourism Eco-energy Management Tool) has been developed for this purpose.
A questionnaire divided in 7 sections collects the data necessary to assess the KPIs. From this questionnaire and the KPIs evaluation, an individual report is addressed to ski resorts operators. 
Moreover, a comparison between different ski resorts is possible based on different macro-indicators.
Other indicators can be daily used for the "low-carbon" operation of a ski resort. Involving an adequate number of ski resorts it is possible to identify average KPIs at national and Alpine Space level. Until now the analysis is limited to the 3 living labs of the Smart Altitude project, but the goal is to involve 20 other ski resorts in order to obtain a statistical basis at the moment unexplored. A relevant selection of KPIs can also be used into an integrated energy management system. At the same time, some average KPIs can be published on public plateforms such as the Smart Altitude WebGIS.