Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future

Recommendations: how were conducted and produced the activity reports

Throughout the project, numerous consultations were held with the observers and the local, regional and national authorities of the partners. These included the bi-annual project seminars held in Les Orres (France), Madonna di Campiglio and Ponte di Legno (Italy), Krvavec (Slovenia), as well as videoconferences organised by Innsbrück (Austria) and Verbier (Switzerland).  We will also take into account the 2 "Intelligent Mountain of Tomorrow" OCOVA forums of 2019 and 2020, which brought together 200 participants at regional, national and European level with sessions dedicated to policies and actions in favor of the sustainable development and ecological transition of mountain territories and resorts. The final event, for its part, gathered more than 1000 participants with a very important contribution of representatives from all Alpine Space Regions on the same themes (see access to the video recordings on the homepage of this website and on Finally, during the last part of the project, 18 individual interviews were conducted with local, regional, national and European decision-makers in the Alpine space. 
All these exchanges and consultations have enabled the project partners to draw up a set of recommendations for their respective regions and nations. These approaches were complemented by the work of the consultants commissioned to prepare the deliverables, who conducted 18 individual interviews at regional, national and European level.  
The deliverables are made available here in the form foreseen by the Smart Altitude project application form. For ease of reading and to eliminate redundancies, the papers will be reconfigured into three reports: Regional Recommendations, National Recommendations, and Recommendations to EUSALP. 

Debates between local, regional, national and European decision-makers at the final Smart Altitude event

Regional Recommendations Paper
National Revcommendations Papers
EUSALP Recommendations Papers