Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future

Building the network

ll the actions carried out in workpackage T3 Smart Altitude Toolkit, in particular the setting up of the replicator website and the series of webinars conducted in the course of 2020, have served to prepare the actual replication phase, with the selection of the 22 resorts shown on the map below. The actions carried out for activity A.T4.1 described in the corresponding page have also helped to lay the foundations for a sustainable network of resorts, supported by their local, regional and national support structures, committed to a common process of ecological transition for the sustainable development of mountain territories with high tourism intensity. The first territories to engage in this process, due to their high level of support and the motivation of the participating resorts, were France and Italy. The other participating regions will progressively join the movement to strengthen the replication at the scale of the whole Alpine space. 

Resulting from all these activities, interviews and exchanges, it became possible to issue sets of recommendations for all categories of stakeholders. The high interest and level of participation at the final event confirmed that both outputs of the project have been reached, with high potential for continuation. For instance, Smart Altitude has been included as an application and REX field for AlpGov2’s Mainstreaming replication process, and project partners have entered discussions to apply for a new project raising deeper and wider objectives for conducting the ecological transition in high-tourism mountain areas.

Smart Altitude D4.2.1 Replication Roadmap