Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future


KRVAVEC is the Slovenian Living Lab  of the European project Smart Altitude.

We are implementing a  multi-energy consumption reduction approach on snow-making processes, ski lifts and heating.

Solutions will be based on WP1, expected/unexpected impacts (e.g. rebound effects), potential for new activity and further local innovation. T2.1 will provide data on  GHG emissions reduction, equipment performance and investment efficiency.

RTC Krvavec is responsible for pilot implementation, BSC Kranj for Lab animation.

We describe more in details two solutions that have been deployed in the resort :

Hotel energy consumption reduction

Snow making process optimization

  • D.T2.1.1 RTC Krvavec "Energy Savings" Report 1.01 mb

    This deliverable focuses on reducing energy consumption through efficient equipment. It presents the potential for energy consumption reduction related to a set of strategic equipment, from requirements phase to operation and maintenance procedures.