Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future

Hotel energy consumption

Hotel energy consumption. A series of energy efficiency solutions were installed. In the hotel, thermostatic valves, controlled via a computer or mobile application, were installed on radiators. Through the program, each room is heated according to a pre-set temperature. If the room is not booked, the system itself switches off the room heating via the hotel program. In case of a reservation, the room starts to be heated an hour before the arrival of the guest. The SELTRON WDC20 system, which controls the temperature of the water that flows into the heating system depending on the outside temperature, has been installed in the boiler room. If the environmental temperature is low, the regulation system will deliver a higher temperature to the heating water. In the boiler room, the circulating pumps were also replaced for economy reasons. The Clausius application has been installed along with the GWD communication module. Receptionist, hotel management and maintenance staff can manage hotel heating entirely via the Clausius mobile application and/or as a web application. These changes have resulted in an approximate 20%reduction in oil/gas consumption, improved customer comfort and easier management of the heating system, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced staff working hours.