Smart Altitude

Alpine winter tourism territories demonstrating an integrated framework for a low-carbon, high-impact and resilient future

Wi-EMT: Winter Energy Management Tool

Wi-EMT is an audit tool for the ski resort operators to evaluate the ecological, energetic and management status, identifying the priorities of intervention in a comparative perspective with other ski resorts.

The input data are collected from a QUESTIONNAIRE filled by the ski resort. The questionnaire is a self-evaluation questionnaire and it is not validated by any third part. Each ski resort doesn’t know the specific parameters of others, keeping them confidential.

The outputs are:

·         SKI RESORT ID: main features that characterize the size, infrastructures and operation of the ski resort.

·         SKI RESORT KPIs: measurable values that demonstrates how effectively the ski resort is achieving key business objectives.

·         EVALUATION REPORT: it is a report that include the ski resort ID and the ski resort KPIs. In this way it provides supervision of the level of energy efficiency, sustainability and management in the ski resort and compares its performance with an Alpine Space reference. Beside a supervision and a comparison of the performance, the report provides a value database for further measurements of energy improvement, able to strengthen competitiveness at international scale. The Evaluation Report is divided into 9 main sections (Energy Efficiency, Energy Economy, Sustainability, Energy Management, Smart Grid, Adaptation to Climate Change, Self Evaluation, Future Outlook, Overall Result). In each main section the ski resort achieves a specific result (called KPI - Key Performance Indicator) within the range 0-5, where a KPI = 0 means that the ski resort is the worst and KPI = 5 means that the ski resort is the best among the involved ski resorts. Please note that the greater the number of ski resorts involved, the greater the significance/accuracy of the results. In addition to the various KPIs of the different sections, a purely quantitative analysis is offered.