City of Treviso

In the Treviso pilot site the need for support in accessing online services and the desire to promote encounters between senior citizens and younger generations emerged as priorities. Therefore, the Local Action Group prepared some guides and video tutorials for the most requested services, resulting from the co-creation between students and seniors. In addition, a one-to-one counseling desk was promoted at three senior centres in the city, run by the students and open to all senior citizens wishing to find guidance and acquire useful knowledge.

The Italian TRIO:

The TRIO is composed by Luciano Prosdocimo, president of Villa Letizia community center, as older adult citizens representative; Marco De Vidi, administrative employee and Daniela Tramutola, social worker, for Treviso Municipality; Adele De Stefani, anthropologist from ISRAA, with the role of methodological facilitator

TRIO worked closely with the Local Action Group to initiated a discussion on what can be considered age-friendly in Treviso and what constitutes a challenge. More extensive mapping was then carried out involving the population: about 50 over 65 were contacted to collect opinions, ideas and proposals. Citizens were then kept constantly updated on the evolution of the process. Updating was key also to circulate information and to foster awareness creation on the topic. A great contribution in the gathering has been provided by the students from the high school, whose teachers are active members of the Local Action Group. The final analysis of the opinions, conducted by the TRIO, identified two elements as priorities: the need for guidance in accessing digital services and the desire to sustain intergenerational knowledge exchange. The Trio is now managing the co-designed of a service answering these needs putting around the table Local Action Group members, older adults, students and local organizations.