Municipality of Žiri

At the Žiri pilot site, the main priority was to foster the inclusion of the new home for the seniors in the surrounding community. Many actions were carried out to this end: a training of volunteers for quality ageing and intergenerational cooperation took place with the scope of establishing and fostering sustainable and age-friendly volunteering; several courses were organized to support family carers and offer them the knowledge they need in caring for their older loved ones; articles were published in the Age-friendly municipality section in the local newspaper in order to keep older adults informed about events, activities, and services.

The Slovenian TRIO:

Representatives of older people: Marija Kokalj is president of the local organization Red Cross and very active older person. Bernarda Lukančič is a retired community nurse, with a lot of experience with older people, now a volunteer in many community projects for older people. Both are essential for Žiri’s TRIO; their knowledge, experiences and willingness to participate are inspiring.

Municipality representatives: Jana Peternel, employed in local administration.
Leja Žakelj, sociologist, joined the TRIO through her volunteer work with older people.

Facilitators: Marta Grčar is a graduated social pedagogue and Alen Sajtl university graduate psychologist, both are employed in Anton Trstenjak Institute, with a focus on the development of age-friendly communities and have been involved in many active and healthy ageing projects.

In the TAAFE project, the TRIO cooperates with a local action group consisting of representatives of various local associations that work with and for older people. With their help, the TRIO assessed their needs and set the priorities for the Žiri community.
Since a home for the elderly is currently being built in Žiri, their first priority is to integrate it well to the community. The second priority is to establish and support sustainable age-friendly volunteering and the third to support family carers and offer them support and knowledge they need in caring for their older family members.