WPC - Communication

The WP communication (WPc) supports the project specific objectives by linking WPc activities to the three communication objectives: a) increasing knowledge, b) influencing attitude and c) changing behavior.

The communication activities are roughly categorized in 5 areas:

  • Branding
  • Publications
  • Digital activities
  • Events
  • Promotion

Activities within the 5 categories are customized to the phase of the project, the target group(s) and the specific aim of each the activity. As of having older adults as one of the main target group on board, communication is focused on digital and analog channels.

Links: Website - LinkedIn account - Twitter account

Press releases

Flyers and Brochures


MOOCs are a tool for public authorities, service providers and stakeholders to better understand the background of the TAAFE project, The TAAFE model and toolkit and the deployment of the model at local level.
The first MOOC  focuses on the background  of the TAAFE project and it is divided in 3 Units: the AFE approach,  the participation  and the introduction to the TAAFe project. 
The second MOOC focuses on the TAAFE model and it is divided in the following 5 units : overview of the TAAFE Model; working together - participation in the TAAFE model;  working together_ step by step approach;  working  sistematically and adaptively ; sustainability and upscaling. 
The third MOOC  focuses on the concrete experience done at local level.